We have all seen tragedy, that's why I light these ganja leaves.
Feeling the breeze from the sea, I open up my eyes to see.
Searching for the peace and slaying my own inner beast.
Walking along the beach, while the waves crash at my feet.
In the middle of the summer heat, watching it rise up off the sand.
Honeys laying lotioned up, I wanna lend a helping hand.
Damn she got a perfect tan, I gotta show her that I'm the man.
And i want her to understand my grand scheme and master plan.
To wax her on her backside, always be her biggest fan.
Take her to the ice cream stand, got the hottest Lady in all the land.
At dinner we munching on some clams, for dessert I'll eat her pussy slow.
That lovely look upon her face I love to make my baby glow.
Yeah we took it to the floor, after she took me to her room.
Making love out on the balcony, looking Up upon the moon.
Listening to the waves crash as I slap her on her big ass.
I'll even get a taste of that, man this day went by just way too fast.