Been Around

I used to say Iíd never do a bid, and ainít nothing in life more important then the kids
That the code of the streets was more loyal then your profile is
And that id give my life if it would give him back his
Iíd say hit, shot, smoke when Iíd stand in their circle
Then I lost my mind and they only cared how my birds call
When your walking or marching or just airing it out
People see you different then their reAsable doubt
They think your spoiled or special and canít understand the fall or the respect due
They didnít know It was half faith in My God that I was trying to show you too
You Look them in the eye and turn, tell them to shoot you in the back thatís how our law do
Or living by a code we seem to all lose
The only codes we ever understood or respect
Then they look me at canít understand the harsh deck
And I say itís prolly when my family left that I died
Smile and wave...
And itís in only in secret when And if I ever cried
Iíd say Iím still a lot like you
Just different, thatís why the respect too
My own seeds hate me, and I didnít trade my life instead thatís just how fate be
And if I did it for one I did it for all... but I guess itís just how the fallen and the walking dead fall...
Theyíre forcing me to not be myself
And they think they have that right either family or wealth

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