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    By Sammy

    of lint. Deep pressed.
    Cards dealt on leaflets
    Carve your own prints. Deep breath.
    Aged lemon in the fridge; squeeze it…
    Squeeze the shit out of it
    Momma always said “squeeze hard enough
    and you'll always get half a cup”

    To my left, a broad caricature.
    Contour of a con torn between dusk and dawn
    Shades donned; midnight's malevolence
    Hiding disposition. Foul breath. Oddest integer
    The type to view predicaments
    With optimistic interspersed logic. This, I'm sure
    No actions trodd without calculation
    This, I'm sure

    To my right,
    A slim disposition. Married to chance
    Wedded to Wednesday; buried in romance
    “It’ll happen someday”.
    Tattered page of Johanna Lindsey; Engaged in slow dance..
    Loooonnnng drawn pronunciation so the feelings may last
    He'd call just to see…
    To prolong the thrill of the seek. No cards.

    Across from me,
    The altruistic. kind hearted
    Not realizing life can be a sick bitch
    Thinly sliced piece of the pie
    Daughter visits…every 5th of July
    Half eaten apple of his eye
    To the victor goes the spoiled
    The purpose; The price.
    He plays to reinforce a single worth in his life
    These days, the struggle is finding where the worth of one lies

    The edge of 25. Columbus seeking spice.
    On the table, a new world. new cards. Neat surprise.
    Welfare contingent on the other side
    holding on a 9 to 5
    A soundest metaphor, huh? Prefers jazz. The quirk, the sly…
    dips, observing the slight twitch
    A beat junkie traversing sound language

    Every placid spring hides a secret
    Poker face devised to beat the…
    odds. Deceived to even the playing fields
    A stream of cods; fishing at timely seasons
    Face revealed
    Rush of August brushing the canvas
    CAUGHT! Red face! Red handed..
    Flushed. The Altruistic glanced left; smiling a tell tale.
    Mr Romance fell to habits. An impetuous landscape.
    Infatuated with the plush palettes of smiling half-faces
    The Con, sat, playing with his stacks. Trading red for blacks.
    Shuffling his piles all the while positioning traps. Son of a bitch could act.
    There’s plenty of fish. He laughs.

    Me? I sat back observing the view…
    The ticks. The nuances. The learnings accrued.
    We’re all dealt something. now... which person are you?

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    Re: Poker

    Omg amazing and I’ve seen weird shit like that at the Spanish 21 table too �� the poetic elligence to the vibe you captured - I really think this could be a classic for generations and generations - I’d find a way to submit it.
    Why does everyone think I’m a boy?

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