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Thread: Return

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    My colloquial are for niggas still parochial
    Invoking Pinocchio types into rigged games of Pinochle
    Gassing hands, think fire plays are the majority
    But employing the ghetto learned mind tricks
    Lined with traps and deception, perception anteriority
    Announcing demise as if it was purchased time spent
    You vent ventricles toppling you from the pinnacle
    Cynically clinical with the dismissal, thesis biblical
    All this done whimsically within five minutes of funkin'
    Disruption of functions underlines the sublime destruction
    Analytically crunching numbers, rustically resulting in error
    Return reformed terror thrusting, crushing those clever
    "Sip the tea to see the gypsies dancing with glee"
    "Prancing to be bringers of demise, fancying with thee"
    Those speak my name with monochromatic inflections
    Antidemocratic receptions for those pens of infektion
    Since inception the deceit was decrepit in outcomes
    Removing the flaccid plastic anterior to out some
    King of the Vocab, throne dust preservation immaculate
    Grab a dictionary for half you niggas feeling emasculated.......

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    Re: Return

    Always a pleasure and an aw in reading yours and your vocab puts Keith Murray under the deck ��
    Why does everyone think Iím a boy?

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    Re: Return

    Loved this, agree with the person above, vocabulary is incredible. Would love you hear this recorded

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    Re: Return

    143, you son of a gun... first bar and i've already had to look up your two end words. we're in for a long first read at this rate. lol! okay... all good up until "anteriority" alright back to for me. damn son. that was the last word I had to define but man oh man... I need to read this way more times to make it clear. you just made a statement there at the end. feel unsure about documenting my need to look up the words now. but you know what, no shame in a dictionary because knowledge is ever expanding.

    okay, give me some time for a few read throughs now.

    lots of crazy rhymes and good flow, i do get thrown off when your ends aren't multis, but it's not a knock on you, you have plenty of multis and internals littered throughout. man i feel like this verse from you is you turned up a notch, your abstract phrasing never seemed to confuse me more, 3 words i looked up, that's been a long time since i've had to look up 3 words for a topical. however, to be honest, i could just be stoned, and real rusty from not reading topicals in a while.

    on closer inspection...these are loafers (hahahha i hope you like my simpsons reference)

    on closer inspection though, everything I have been saying, my entire jouney in this here feedback that I have been documenting since I first had to look up two words after the first bar.... the entire point of your verse, is exactly this. i believe that you were trying to prove everyone intellectually inferior, while simultaneously challenging us all to rise to the occassion and break down each bar until we understood it and realized that you were dissing us readers the entire fucking time.

    good fucking show mate!

    how'd i do? did i get it right? am i too much of a tin foil hat conspiracist or am i just a little too stoned at the moment?

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    Re: Return

    the big homie 143. listen, i'm gonna be honest with u, i don't really have a concrete idea of what this piece is alluding to. perhaps its a super layered braggadocio piece? but there were lots of ill lines. my personal fav was this..

    Those speak my name with monochromatic inflections
    fuckin dope! the swag, the imagery and overall wording of that line is really ill. keep on, sir.

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