veiled in the darkness
we prevail through the harvest
we're the gale that breathes life into the sails of your hard-ships
we impale through the armpits
yet fail to be heartless
cause' we eat hearts and entrails, with garlic

We're not vampires,
we don't serve the devil, we're no man's squires
we're assassins you can't hire
cooking souls on the grand pyre

we're the reapers who carry out any evil task
leak your cerebral mass
we exhale lethal gas
we take dirty heroin needle baths
and deliberately contract a measles rash
from medieval rats

my brothers intently watch, waiting to cut your flesh
we're from another dimension
where we feed off other's deaths
and suffer immensely at the sight of love or affection
you're soul will be under arrest, in the under depths
of utter depression

we feed off the bio-electric prana
we conjure up a twenty foot ice wraith and set it on ya
ingest your brain tissue like you ingest lazagna
billion degree lava
flows from our impressive stanzas
we study the blessed arcana
you'll never best our mantras
we get deepthroated by pythons and anacondas

we kill those that are less privy
to make the earth less shitty,
and easily best Witty
stimulate your mind like a caressed titty